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The MCI – Neuro Fixation System consists of titanium alloy screws (ASTM F136) and commercially pure tita- nium plates and meshes (ASTM F67) used for the fixation of cranial bone fragments in humans. The System has many screw and plate sizes suited to different uses. The Auto Drive Screws are green colored (diameter 1.5 mm) or lilac-colored (diameter 1.7) and present a self-drilling design. The plates, meshes and screws are provided non-sterile to end user.


MCI - Neuro Fixation System is intended for use in selective trauma of the cranial skeleton, cranial surgery and reconstructive procedure.

Quality Expectation

During manipulation of the instruments and implants at the time of fixation of the Screws to bone tissue are required some practices to ensure good product performance and its integrity, like ensuring the correct handgrip of the equipment, and the perfect component fitting.

After these steps are done we can observe the quality of the stability achieved between the two components of the system.

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